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Hebe, goddess of youth. She represents vitality, playfulness and loving without judgment. Life doesn’t always have to feel so serious. Sometimes we need to take a step back from what troubles us and see it merely as a path toward growth. Made from rose quartz, the stone of unconditional. It purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

You can have this necklace with or without the strawberry. 

Length: 19 inches thickness: 0.5 inches.

This is part of the exclusive Gaia collection inspired by the Greek goddesses after designer Anna Scaife took a trip to the Greek island of Hydra. Each piece reflects the goddesses’ different personalities. Each piece is unique. One piece! Oneyou! Beautifully British and handmade just the way you like it to make you look like you walked straight out of heaven!

Length: 18 inches 0.5 inches.

 Handmade in the UK.

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